Invitation from the Angels

The Angels invite you to Be an Earth Angel in Action

We are calling our Beloved Children of Light to find each other. Come together in strength. There are millions of you. No two are alike. You like all around the world in every country. You practice every religion and faith. You are focused on many different ways to help each other, your planet Earth, and the heavens.

We are calling you Home beloved Child. Can you feel your soul yearning for Home? Can you feel your heart calling you to love? These symptoms reveal that you are a Child of Light and you are hearing our call.

We are calling the many different groups and leaders to connect in oneness. Find the common thread that binds you. Find the soul calling that unites you. We need you to gather together in larger groups. We need you to pray together. We need you to meditate together. We need you to discuss important topics that bring you together. In the strength of larger numbers, a greater power and Presence of Divine Love can manifest.

When you gather together, you see yourselves reflected in each other's eyes. You will discover that while you may use different words, your souls are yearning for the same connection of love and oneness. Together, you will experience more of who you are. You will discover more about the gifts and abilities you have been given. You will see more of your divine plan unfolding. You will have the courage to act as you are being guided.

You stand at a very precious turning point. Will you take the leap of faith? Will you say yes to you divine calling?

You are am important piece of the whole. You are needed.

Come Home Now.
Come Home to love, oneness, guidance, healing, everything needed to fulfill your soul calling.
You are worthy and valuable.
You are loved.
Come Home to Love.

Your family of light is here.

You are invited to join our

Empower your spiritual calling and path each month as we connect live in love and joy, creativity and healing.

(excerpt from The Little Book of Angel Healing)


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